Forty responses so far for the Quantified Self Toronto member survey! Here are some things we’re learning from the survey.


A surprising number of people have never attended a Quantified Self Toronto meetup, or have only attended a few. How can we reach out and make it more inviting? We’ve posted some recordings of previous talks, so you can get a sense of what it’s like. Any other suggestions?


Lots of people track health-related data, but there are also many people interested in time, productivity, and other things.

What would you like to track that you currently don’t?

  • Health: Chem profile; More objective chemical body biomarkers; Diet; Pulse oximetry; Blood biomarkers (real-time); Blood glucose / blood sugar (continuous); Blood pressure; Blood count; Glucocorticoids; Ketone levels; Creatine kinase; Body temperature; Metabolic inputs/outputs
    Exercise: Exercise / motion; Cardio
    Mood: Mood (objective/subjective); Triggers for panic attacks; Concentration; Meditation; Mental state
    Time and productivity: Productivity; Circadian rhythm; Goals & roadblocks; Use of time; Correlation among different activities
    Other: Location (continuous); Clothing; Spending/finances/money; Social interactions

If you’re tracking one of these things, why not share your experiences at an upcoming Quantified Self show-and-tell session? You might be able to help someone else get started!


It turns out that quite a lot of people share their data with others. Interesting! I wonder – do the people you share data with also track data of their own? How frequently do they look at their data, and how do they respond? How does knowing that you’re sharing your data change your behaviour?


If you’re designing a self-tracking tool, here are some key factors to keep in mind. =)

Which QS tools do you use?


What QS tool or app do you find most useful? Microsoft Excel, connected pedometers (ex: Nike Fuelband, Fitbit), Zeo,, Track Your Happiness, TimeCorder, myfooddiary, spreadsheets, Foursquare, Harvest, TimeLabel for iPhone

We’ve been thinking about organizing workshops, so we asked a few questions to find out if people wanted to learn more.


What would you want to do at a QS workshop?

Learn about data analysis 27
Learn about data collection 25
Learn about data visualization 24
Learn about how to do a QS experiment 22
Other 7

How frequent should the workshops be?

Every 4 weeks 14
Every 6 weeks 10
Other 7
Every 2 weeks 1

How much would you be willing to pay for a QS workshop?

$0 (I’m not willing to pay) 6
$10 13
$25 8
$50 3
$100 0
Other 5


Basic demographics for additional context:




If you’d like to add your comments, you can fill in the survey online. We’ll review the responses before the next meetup!

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