Eric Boyd

Eric Boyd is founder and chief cyborg of Sensebridge, where he designs and builds sensory augmentation devices and electronic jewelry.  He’s been involved in the quantified self movement since the early days of the SF Bay Area quantified self, where he was a regular attendee and presented once about the North Paw, a wearable haptic compass that gives the user a sense of direction.  He gave a keynote on sensors at the first QS conference.  Eric tracks his workouts and the drink consumption at, Toronto’s geek hangout.

Alan Majer

Alan Majer has always been interested in how science, technology, and society intersect to shape our future. Over the last 12 years, Alan has pursued this interest directly in his career as senior analyst and writer – interviewing hundreds of startup companies to distill their strategies and forecast the currents of change. Now, Alan is exploring these frontiers hands-on: transforming care for seniors with the use of measurement, home automation, and robotics. Alan’s startup company, Good Robot, uses technology to help elderly people live independently in their homes by sharing information with family and caregivers. Collecting data on the events and activity within a home (when the fridge was last opened for example) allows families to know how their loved ones are doing, or be alerted of unusual patterns.

Sacha Chua

A writer and web developer, Sacha started tinkering around with tracking time, clothes, and other things that are easy to measure. She uses a combination of off-the-shelf apps, paper-based notes, spreadsheets, Emacs functions, and a Ruby on Rails application that she’s building as a hobby. She can often be found taking sketchnotes at Quantified Self Toronto meetups. Check out Sacha’s data at Quantified Awesome or her notes at Living an Awesome Life.

Carlos Rizo

After a nearly-fatal accident Carlos has devoted mindspace to understand the intersection between health, technology and people. His experiments range from virtual patient-health provider relationships, remote patient monitoring, the use of the internet during pandemics, empowered-patient social networks, social media, open collaboration, online crowdsourcing and self health quantification. With a background in medicine and fellowships on consumer health and eHealth innovation Carlos is now exploring agile entrepreneurship as a pathway to accelerate patient-focused changes in the health system. Besides igniting Quantified Self Toronto with Eric, Carlos is a Changemaker-at-Large at Innovation Cell, Massey College, University of Toronto, and founder of


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